Student Requirements


Effective September 1st, 2012, the Texas Real Estate Commission has changes for Pre-license education requirements:

Pre-license requirements for a salesperson license will change from 210 classroom hours (60 hours of which may be in related courses) to 180 classroom hours of specific core real estate courses. An applicant MUST complete the following courses (which total 180 hours) before applying for a license:

  • Real Estate Principles – 60 classroom hours
  • Law of Agency – 30 classroom hours
  • Law of Contracts – 30 classroom hours
  • Promulgated Contract Forms – 30 classroom hours
  • Real Estate Finance – 30 classroom hours

Related course credit may no longer be used to meet education requirements for a salesperson’s license. The initial license will issue for a 2-year period. The new licenssee must complete 98 hours of additional core real estate credit to include the Legal 1 & 2 or must have accumulated a total of 270 core course hours by the end of the first 2-year renewal period. For more information, please contact the Texas Real Estate Commission at

Until the September 1st deadline, the following will apply to students currently taking classes:

Students must be 18 years of age to obtain a real estate license. Students must complete 210 hours of real estate education as follows:

150 hours of Core classes (listed below)

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion after taking and passing each class. After taking and passing the required number of 30 hour classes (either 5 or 7 core classes depending on your transcripts), students will mail in all certificates to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) for review and permission to test on the state exam for licensure. The state exam for licensure is proctored in El Paso at a TREC approved testing facility.

Once you have successfully passed your test, you will be listed as an inactive agent with TREC until you find a sponsoring broker.  Congratulations!

An additional 60 hours of real estate classes must be taken within the first year of being licensed, prior to your license renewal.

Call 915-834-4003 for more information or e-mail