Course Descriptions

Principles I (111-15)
This course covers the basics of real estate, including the Real Estate License Act, terminology, real property vs. personal property, Fair Housing Law, Appraisal, Markets, and Brokerage are included in this class.(30hrs)

Principles II (112-15)
This course finishes the basics in the same book, including Title and closing issues and agent responsibilities, property management, Land use, some real estate Math, real estate investments and financing, and principles and practices of real estate.(30hrs)

Contracts (1200)
This course includes the basics of filling out a contract from start to finish, TREC rules regarding use of contracts and what constitutes unauthorized practice of law, the statute of frauds, remedies and specific performance, and disclosure issues. (30hrs)

Law of Agency (1111-15)
This course introduces the student to different types of agency (exclusive seller, exclusive buyer, subagency, etc), fiduciary responsibilities, client vs. customer, creation of agency and more.(30hrs)

Finance (411)
This course is an overall view of types of loans (VA, FHA, Conventional) and their differences, federal and state regulations, RESPA, ECOA, loan apps, funding, and settlement statements are included in this course.(30hrs)

Promulgated Contract Forms (322) New Requirement as of September 1, 2012

The course content will expose the student to the forms promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission for mandatory use by licensees, inform the student on the unauthorized practice of law and give them tips on how to avoid it, introduce students to case studies that can be directly applied to the practice scenarios within the content of the book and explain how and when to use an amendment or an addendum. The student will be able to accurately complete promulgated forms to the intent of the parties. (30hrs)