Instructors Needed!!

We are hiring instructors for 2015.  Letter to Recruit

If you are certified to teach the 6 core classes, we need you. 915-834-4141.

To be approved as an instructor, a person must satisfy the commission as to the person’s competency in the subject matter to be taught and ability to teach effectively. Each instructor must also possess the following qualifications:

1. a college degree in the subject area or five years professional experience in the subject area; and

2. three years experience in teaching or training; or

3. the equivalent of paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection as determined by the commission after due consideration of the applicant’s professional experience, research, authorship or other significant endeavors in the subject area.

ed-4-2 Instructor Application

Please apply at:

5662 N. Mesa, El Paso, TX. 79912


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Quarterly Session Flyer

Hello Everyone,

Attached is our 2014 Flyer. We are preparing for 2014, How about you?

Are you ready for a real life changing event? Real Estate is a challenge you might want to look in to.

Classes are starting up on January 20th, 2014. We will have 4 sessions this year. Please call me with any questions, 915-834-4141.

Sally Ann Correa

or e-mail me at


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New Session!!

Hello and Welcome to the A.P.E. Blog!!

I am excited to report that we will be starting a new session on September 9th, 2013.  Don’t be left out, reserve your spot today!!

I have uploaded the Accelerated Professional Education Flyer for Sept 2013.

Please visit our Schedules tab for further information.

Thank you,

Sally Ann Correa


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Welcome New Instructors for A.P.E School!!

I would like to welcome our new instructors Angelo Amoriello, Susan Craig and Joe de la Paz to our Real Estate School.

They are joining us to make an impact in your lives. They come highly experienced in the real estate industry.

Angelo Amoriello is an active Appraiser.

Susan Craig is an active Broker, Rentals and Sales.

We will soon put a bit more information on these super nice people joining us.



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New Year and a New Focus

The countdown to the New Year has begun and it’s time to focus on what the upcoming instructional year will bring for our new and returning students.  I am excited to see new faces filling up our classroom and and some new instructors joining our talented roster.

This year also brings some legislative changes that you might want to check out (if you haven’t already!) The Senate Bill 747 amends the Real Estate Licensing Act (the Act) to provide additional education, experience and accountability standards for TREC licensees as well as several cleanup provisions. Some of the amendments have already gone into effect in 2011 and some will take effect in 2012.

This housekeeping bill will enhance Accelerated Professional Education’s course lineup. We will be working towards offering the newly required 6 hour Mandatory Broker Responsibility Course before the effective date of the requirement (September 2012.)We will also be adding our new State Exam Prep Class that can be taken by our exiting students (or any other prospective licensees) to help better prepare them for the state exam. Legal and Ethics MCE will also be added, as well as another course to be determined.

There is a lot to accomplish this coming year, so why don’t we go ahead and get started? See you at school!


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Our First Post

Franklin Mountain Poppies

Here it is, late Saturday night and I am creating our first blog for our updated website. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you what has been going on at Accelerated Professional Education. We have been on the hunt to expand our presence within the real estate community and creating this blog will allow us to reach out beyond our classroom walls to share local viewpoints and articles of interest. I encourage all of our instructors and students, along with the public to comment and share with us!

Everyday, I encourage potential real estate students to sign up for our classes at Accelerated Professional Education and one of the questions that I am more frequently asked is, “So do you really think that the market is strong enough for me to become a salesperson and make a living at it?” Maybe it’s my optimism, but my answer is always a resounding “Yes!” There a so many facets to this industry and even as we experience this less than robust market, there are many avenues that licensed sales people can take to earn more than just a liveable income. This market is challenging and my thought process leads me to believe that some of our best new agents will come alive in it! I also believe that those gritty, successful new sales people will come from Accelerated Professional Education. So here’s to our instructors who make the learning process come alive and here’s to our students that are our future success stories!

Lisa Vandermeulen

Adminstrator, Accelerated Professional Education

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